MSU JAMB CBT APP powered by Burujtech Solutions is an App built to make JAMB easy for all students. Coupled with it’s cool features as listed below, you are sure you have the right JAMB App that will help you score high in JAMB UTME exam.
** Use completely offline: no Internet connection required!** Thousands of Questions and Answers from almost all subjects

** A Complete Summary of JAMB Novel “Sweet Sixteen”

** Chapter by Chapter Summary of “Sweet Sixteen”

** Over 300 Questions and Answers from “Sweet Sixteen”

** Names of Major Characters in “Sweet Sixteen”

** Quickly view JAMB syllabus

** Quickly view JAMB Brochure

** Quickly browse through your school of choice and course requirement.

** Post UTME updates also available

** Contains thousands of real JAMB questions and answers, and solutions

** Practice one or more or your four JAMB subjects at once.

** See answers and solutions to the questions.

** Simple and intuitive user interface.

** Choose the number of questions you want.

** Choose past question year.

** Activate only once.

** Many years of JAMB past questions.

** The Software Does Not Expire– continues to function as long as your phone stays alive!

** Straight-to-the-point- app!


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